Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MR Perfect MR Right

I am Mr perfect
I am Mr right
I live a happy life
With no regrets and lies.

The days of glory
Living life like a new born
These are some of my qualities
With which I never went wrong.

I live to care
I live to die
I love the people
Around my eye.

Love was never my sport,
I take passion in my life
I live the way I want to
No matter who so ever feels the shy.

The perfection is a reflection
And I know it is a lie
Its all about saying
How much I wana lie.

I am not Mr perfect
I am not Mr right
I am waiting for a passion
That can draw my life.

The confusion of thoughts
The mystery of life
The struggle to be ahead,
That’s all revolves in my mind.

Life is to short to be perfect
And its not a lie
All I wana do is make mistakes
And then not repeat them in my life.

I love u Mr “Me”
I love my life
I love the kid in me
I wish it never die.....