Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MR Perfect MR Right

I am Mr perfect
I am Mr right
I live a happy life
With no regrets and lies.

The days of glory
Living life like a new born
These are some of my qualities
With which I never went wrong.

I live to care
I live to die
I love the people
Around my eye.

Love was never my sport,
I take passion in my life
I live the way I want to
No matter who so ever feels the shy.

The perfection is a reflection
And I know it is a lie
Its all about saying
How much I wana lie.

I am not Mr perfect
I am not Mr right
I am waiting for a passion
That can draw my life.

The confusion of thoughts
The mystery of life
The struggle to be ahead,
That’s all revolves in my mind.

Life is to short to be perfect
And its not a lie
All I wana do is make mistakes
And then not repeat them in my life.

I love u Mr “Me”
I love my life
I love the kid in me
I wish it never die.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence Mubarak!!!!

3 days back we celebrated our Independence Day. It is an honor and privilege to celebrate but there were lots of questions in my mind. Do we really deserve this freedom? What have we done to sustain it? Have the heroes who laid there life’s done that just for nothing.

The answers were hard to digest. The fact is today’s youth is so focused on the other things, that it does not even have time for its family so what can we expect them to do for the country. The powerful words like career, growth, opportunities, money, sex, girls, boys have diverted all of us so much that we no longer think of this country. Some people will say yes I do think about it , but my Q is when, u mean when u see a movie about Bhagat Singh, or when u see Amir khan and company dying in RDB.

It’s a sad day, we surely are not putting an effort for our freedom. We surely are not putting an effort to make our country one of the best countries in the world. The simple reason being that if u have something for long you or we all tend to lose its importance . I am writing these words and blaming every one and I should admit that fact that I no longer stay in my country. In the name of education, or better future even I left it, I didn’t do my job which I should have done. I guess freedom is now just a word that can be divided as Free-DUMB. Only dumb people can enjoy this freedom, where we all know we r so much a prison of our own bloody thoughts.

It is time we think, what can be done by us, what can be done by me, so that this freedom never leaves u. it is time we truly understand that everything comes for a cost and without paying that cost freedom cannot be sustained.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I killed the God, It is not a lie
With these cruel hands, Up in the sky

I made him cry, I torchered him well
I wanted to see what I had got, because I was cruel like a demon unleashed in the hell.

I was weak at heart, and I prayed him long
For a longer life, without sin and lie.

He was cute to me, but he became part of my life
I had to kill him in the end, because I no longer could survive.

It sounds so dumb, it sounds so fun
But it hurts a lot, and it’s a fact not a lie.

I killed him once, I killed him twice
I don’t deserve a confession, I don’t deserve a life.

I Killed him hard, I betrayed him alive,
I wish I was an angel, but I could never say a lie.

Forgive me god, forgive me for your life
I know I lost u forever, as I know it is in best interest of your life.

I was an angel once, but now it seems a lie
I know I killed u but, still wana wish you a new heavenly life.

May you never shatter, never have a reason to cry
Because in the heavenly world, u can trust people who never lie.

I prayed you my god, I loved you more than my life
But lets today accept this truth, this was the only way we both could have survived.

I made a choice, and I killed u alive
I was dead a long back, when this idea stuck in my mind.

I apologize for my sin, I wish I could cry
Because trust me god, now life is all dry.

I wish to see u back , I wish to see you alive
Only in a heavenly world, where friends never lie.

It’s a good bye thought, it’s a good bye cry
Now you are free with no shackles of love and cry.

Thank you god , thanks for your life
It is tough to kill you , but I am sure you will survive.

I killed the god, I killed him twice
I made him cry, with the hell loose in the sky…….

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Angel in my life!!!

This is my first Blog and I want to dedicate this blog to An Angel in my life. So here comes the story of me and angel.

So it started when I was in class 11th. I liked her like hell and she Hated me with the same gesture. School was a fun and I found her to be arrogant. The life went on, the school was gone but a connection was there that went along. We spoke a bit when I was in first yr, we started speaking a lot. Chatting a lot with free sms, life became interesting again, and I could say somewhere down the line I had gained a friend. Things were moving smooth and cool, I still remember talking to her on STD booths, we had a link, we had a bound but I think we were never sure what was that all.

Then the twist came in her life, now the angel met a loving guy. He was handsome and he was rich and i suppose that was the beginning of a new link. The destiny had something else in mind and again the angel was left behind. It was her choice , it was her wish but still I don’t know why I felt that grief. The twist and turns are part of my life and once more I had to leave my world and leave for the sky. The sky was fun, but I was alone, there was a feeling which I couldn’t control. Was that love or that was attraction in life that pulled me to her despite such a height.

I came back and got the gift of my life that was a CD full of my life. I thanked her and I said in words but I wish I could have kissed her and not have said a word. Soon it came that I was expecting in life and no wonder it was love with my angel in the sky. I couldn’t resist the temptation in life and I fumbled a bit and I lost the vibe. It was hurting a lot but I was strong and true so let the destiny decide what to do. Few months gone any a year crossed by and even though some thing ended they had a vibe. It was a call from home that brought me back and so I got a change to see my angel back. I was happy I was sad as I dint know what should I have, but at last I asked and ans was yes and I was blessed with a kiss of Mess.

I don’t know wht I should say but all I have is that angel and her ray. The relations have changed , the time has passed, the feeling have changed and love has been lost. But the friendship still stays alive in our hearts and that’s what counts when u love and stay apart. I love the angel , and I call you my life and I am happy to have u in my life. U mean a lot, u know my thought and all I can say is u were my best shot.

I love u Jaan I love u my life but I also know that” Angels Do Lie”.

Always be in my life.

The Moral Of the Line: Its not the role u play in my life , its ur presence that makes a difference.