Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence Mubarak!!!!

3 days back we celebrated our Independence Day. It is an honor and privilege to celebrate but there were lots of questions in my mind. Do we really deserve this freedom? What have we done to sustain it? Have the heroes who laid there life’s done that just for nothing.

The answers were hard to digest. The fact is today’s youth is so focused on the other things, that it does not even have time for its family so what can we expect them to do for the country. The powerful words like career, growth, opportunities, money, sex, girls, boys have diverted all of us so much that we no longer think of this country. Some people will say yes I do think about it , but my Q is when, u mean when u see a movie about Bhagat Singh, or when u see Amir khan and company dying in RDB.

It’s a sad day, we surely are not putting an effort for our freedom. We surely are not putting an effort to make our country one of the best countries in the world. The simple reason being that if u have something for long you or we all tend to lose its importance . I am writing these words and blaming every one and I should admit that fact that I no longer stay in my country. In the name of education, or better future even I left it, I didn’t do my job which I should have done. I guess freedom is now just a word that can be divided as Free-DUMB. Only dumb people can enjoy this freedom, where we all know we r so much a prison of our own bloody thoughts.

It is time we think, what can be done by us, what can be done by me, so that this freedom never leaves u. it is time we truly understand that everything comes for a cost and without paying that cost freedom cannot be sustained.

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