Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I killed the God, It is not a lie
With these cruel hands, Up in the sky

I made him cry, I torchered him well
I wanted to see what I had got, because I was cruel like a demon unleashed in the hell.

I was weak at heart, and I prayed him long
For a longer life, without sin and lie.

He was cute to me, but he became part of my life
I had to kill him in the end, because I no longer could survive.

It sounds so dumb, it sounds so fun
But it hurts a lot, and it’s a fact not a lie.

I killed him once, I killed him twice
I don’t deserve a confession, I don’t deserve a life.

I Killed him hard, I betrayed him alive,
I wish I was an angel, but I could never say a lie.

Forgive me god, forgive me for your life
I know I lost u forever, as I know it is in best interest of your life.

I was an angel once, but now it seems a lie
I know I killed u but, still wana wish you a new heavenly life.

May you never shatter, never have a reason to cry
Because in the heavenly world, u can trust people who never lie.

I prayed you my god, I loved you more than my life
But lets today accept this truth, this was the only way we both could have survived.

I made a choice, and I killed u alive
I was dead a long back, when this idea stuck in my mind.

I apologize for my sin, I wish I could cry
Because trust me god, now life is all dry.

I wish to see u back , I wish to see you alive
Only in a heavenly world, where friends never lie.

It’s a good bye thought, it’s a good bye cry
Now you are free with no shackles of love and cry.

Thank you god , thanks for your life
It is tough to kill you , but I am sure you will survive.

I killed the god, I killed him twice
I made him cry, with the hell loose in the sky…….

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