Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Angel in my life!!!

This is my first Blog and I want to dedicate this blog to An Angel in my life. So here comes the story of me and angel.

So it started when I was in class 11th. I liked her like hell and she Hated me with the same gesture. School was a fun and I found her to be arrogant. The life went on, the school was gone but a connection was there that went along. We spoke a bit when I was in first yr, we started speaking a lot. Chatting a lot with free sms, life became interesting again, and I could say somewhere down the line I had gained a friend. Things were moving smooth and cool, I still remember talking to her on STD booths, we had a link, we had a bound but I think we were never sure what was that all.

Then the twist came in her life, now the angel met a loving guy. He was handsome and he was rich and i suppose that was the beginning of a new link. The destiny had something else in mind and again the angel was left behind. It was her choice , it was her wish but still I don’t know why I felt that grief. The twist and turns are part of my life and once more I had to leave my world and leave for the sky. The sky was fun, but I was alone, there was a feeling which I couldn’t control. Was that love or that was attraction in life that pulled me to her despite such a height.

I came back and got the gift of my life that was a CD full of my life. I thanked her and I said in words but I wish I could have kissed her and not have said a word. Soon it came that I was expecting in life and no wonder it was love with my angel in the sky. I couldn’t resist the temptation in life and I fumbled a bit and I lost the vibe. It was hurting a lot but I was strong and true so let the destiny decide what to do. Few months gone any a year crossed by and even though some thing ended they had a vibe. It was a call from home that brought me back and so I got a change to see my angel back. I was happy I was sad as I dint know what should I have, but at last I asked and ans was yes and I was blessed with a kiss of Mess.

I don’t know wht I should say but all I have is that angel and her ray. The relations have changed , the time has passed, the feeling have changed and love has been lost. But the friendship still stays alive in our hearts and that’s what counts when u love and stay apart. I love the angel , and I call you my life and I am happy to have u in my life. U mean a lot, u know my thought and all I can say is u were my best shot.

I love u Jaan I love u my life but I also know that” Angels Do Lie”.

Always be in my life.

The Moral Of the Line: Its not the role u play in my life , its ur presence that makes a difference.


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  2. Hey welcome to the blog sphere...Gud to see ur blog...It was beautiful and more beautifully written...Its wonderful to know ur feelings through words...Keep it up!